9 06, 2017

Retrofitting double glazing into old windows


Sorry for being quiet on the blog for a couple of weeks - things have been going a bit crazy with the house renovation and I've been preparing for a conference that I'm speaking at on Tuesday (Sustainability of Traditional Buildings). The topic of my talk is about retrofitting slim double glazing into old windows [...]

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1 02, 2017

Improving the U-value of windows


Our house is listed and the Georgian sash windows are so integral to the look of the house that I'd never want to alter them. The solution for these windows has been to draught-proof and close the shutters early in the evening! But, we also had some Edwardian casement windows which were in serious disrepair and [...]

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19 09, 2016

Draught proofing windows


At the front of our house we have 5 beautiful Georgian sash windows. They were probably installed when the house was first built in the 1780s and I'm awed by the fact that wood from trees grown 250 years ago is still perfectly functional today. I wouldn't change them for the world but what I would [...]

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15 09, 2016

How to make old windows more energy efficient


Windows are the eyes of a building - they influence how it presents itself to both the onlooker and the occupier.  Old windows are definitely to be valued for their craftsmanship and, in the case of historic glass, for the beauty of the light that they transmit. But, as we all know, they do present [...]

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