Sustainable retrofit and design


Regardless of whether you’re renovating your whole house or approaching it on a room by room basis it’s crucial to have a long term plan. Renovate Green can help devise a plan that sets out the stages required to transform your house into a warm, healthy and energy efficient living space. We can work with you to establish your environmental priorities and align these with the vision for your house and your budget.

We can advise you, and your architect, on the latest sustainable building materials and finishes to ensure that your project delivers energy savings, healthy indoor air quality and responsibility towards the planet.

Our service can be tailored to your needs and can be as specific or expansive as required.

Architects and Builders

During building renovation, people are focusing more and more on energy efficiency and using products that enhance their health and respect the environment. Renovate Green offers research and advice to architects and builders who simply don’t have the time to investigate how they can meet their clients’ sustainability, energy efficiency and holistic goals.

Whether your clients’ priority is to save carbon; use natural, low-impact products; create healthy indoor air quality; or reduce their reliance on fossil fuels we can help you to deliver what they want. Our advice is most effective when we are consulted at the early design stages of your renovation/extension projects.

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